• Eric

Welcome to 3rd Life Upcycling!

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm Eric, the guy behind the stack of broken skateboards. Not pictured is my wife Amy and resident shop dog Sophie, together we make up 3rd Life Upcycling. 3rd Life Upcycling is a culmination of trials and errors, hobby woodwork and a desire to start a side business that is unique and fits ours lifestyle. We try to create one of a kind products that utilize reclaimed materials that are then upcycled into something great. Those materials include: wood offcuts from a local cabinet shop, out of service/retired fire hose and , as pictured, broken skateboard decks. The end result is a something diverted from the landfill and given a 3rd Life (see what I did there?). Everything that comes out of our shop is handmade right here by myself or Amy. (or occasionally another maker that has our same core values). There is no automation, no CNC work, no overseas bulk orders, just handcrafted, one at a time products. We strive to be as eco friendly as possible from our non toxic sealants and finishes to recyclable or compostable packaging. So please stay tuned as we hope to add regularly to this page. We're happy you stopped by and hope you like what you see.

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